Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Leaflets with poems for cancer patients or anyone affected by cancer. (Collective Poems)

I got "Osteosarcoma" - bone cancer at 21 and now in part remission and I have an idea to create a leaflet with poems for all cancer patients regardless of cancer and if male/female and young and old, it will also have ideas, advice and links to cancer blogs.
For this leaflet I will need sponsors or people to donate their time, paper, ink or printing shops to help in some way. It will benefit all cancer patients socially and mentally and hopefully be supplied in hospitals, cancer wards and cancer charities etc.
When I was going through cancer I found it hard to read other cancer patients journeys, ideas and just socially communicating or reading a leaflet that wasn't necessarily medical information.

Write about a poem that relates to cancer to help others or just show your true emotions.

Please add your cancer blogs if you have one and any advice if you can.

If you can sponsor my project or donate your time or products I'd really appreciate your help and support or know someone who can please let me know, Thank you!

The link below is ideas I have but just to make clear I only want to make leaflets with poems in this moment in time.

My cancer blog: www.copingwiththebigc.blogspot.co.uk

Idea of title for project for poems by cancer patients (TITLE NOT DECIDED YET):

"Collective Poems - A selection of poems by cancer patients and those affected by cancer."

Link for my idea:http://www.junction49.co.uk/idea/3319/i_feel_it_in_my_bones_raising_awareness_of_bone_cancer/

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Becki McGuinness

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