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Guest blog Post: Advice on Cancer Misdiagnosis from Asons Solicitors.

I wanted to share this guest blog post written by Asons Solicitors as it may help some people who read my blog and help show the different options available:

21st June 2013

"Advice on Cancer Misdiagnosis from Asons Solicitors."

"With the advances in modern science, doctors are becoming more and more accurate at diagnosing cancer at its earliest stages. Having an early diagnosis means that you can get the treatment and support you need at a critical stage, giving you the best chance of beating the disease, whilst still being able to continue living life to the fullest. However despite all the medical equipment and expertise available, misdiagnosis is still prevalent, often leaving devastating consequences for patients and their loved ones.
There are numerous types of cancer all presenting with different symptoms, so an accurate diagnosis fully relies on a medical professional being able to interpret these symptoms correctly and within good time. However more and more cases are coming to light of doctors missing cancers completely, or diagnosing patients with cancer incorrectly, leading to catastrophic consequences.
Cancer misdiagnosis can have some damaging effects, physically, psychologically and financially, which is why if you’ve fallen victim to medical error you could be entitled to compensation for your suffering.
You may have been a victim of medical negligence if you feel the standard of care provided to you by any medical professionalbelow what was expected. If a doctor has failed to test you for any type of cancer, despite presenting them with linked symptoms, or if they have failed to look into any abnormalities then you may have been subjected to such negligence.
Sometimes a delay in diagnosis or the complete misdiagnosis of cancer can allow it to spread to an advanced and untreatable stage, affecting neighboring organs, causing significant and unnecessary suffering, and even potentially leading to death. This makes is vitally important to know your body and know when something is wrong, so you can challenge your doctor if you feel that you haven’t been given the correct diagnosis.
Types of misdiagnosis that have been documented include: 
  • Bowel cancer misdiagnosed as gall stones
  • Cervical cancer misdiagnosed as nerve pain
  • Removal of breast tissue without any cancer being present
  • Unnecessary lung surgery from wrong diagnosis
An example of medical negligence that recently came to light was the story of Becky Ryder, a 26 year old woman who sadly died because she was refused a smear test for being too young, despite presenting all the visible signs of cancer. By the time a doctor had finally diagnosed her with cancer, it was too late as the aggressive tumor had already reached a stage where it was too advanced to treat; had the doctor done the necessary tests, she may have survived.
Some people may feel cautious about making a claim against the NHS, however they have authorities in place to ensure that people are fully compensated for the failings of their staff. This money can go towards gaining some recompense for loss of earnings, emotional and physical distress, further medical treatment, or to help you and your family recover from the traumatic experience."
If anyone would like to seek legal advice on pursuing a medical negligence claim regarding cancer misdiagnosis, then contact a solicitor such as Asons that specialises in medical negligence claims. For more information you can visit or phone 01204 521 133.
About Asons Solicitors:
Asons Solicitors is a Bolton-based law practice that specialises in personal injury and industrial disease claims. Founded by brothers Imran Akram and Kamran Akram, Asons Solicitors has developed to become a young and dynamic law firm that delivers practical solutions to clients in times of difficulty. Their continued focus on their staff has seen them awarded with the Investors in People “Gold Award”; which is reflected in the professional and personable approach they take in working with clients. They strive to grow and to develop, and their supportiveness and attention to detail ensures that their clients use them time and again.

For further information contact:
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Read more about Becky Ryder on The Telegraph newspaper:

Source: The Telegraph

"Imran Akram, CEO of Asons Solicitors, Crowned ‘Business Person of the Year 2013’ at the Bolton & Bury Business Awards" -

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