Monday, 29 July 2013

#CopingwiththeBigC Micro flash Mob Art by Dave Kirkwood.

Source: Dave Kirkwood 
If you mention #copingwiththebigc to @Dave_Kirkwood on twitter he'll include you in his art for cancer awareness. :-) I contacted Dave a while back because I saw he supported Cancer and Teenage Cancer charities and is an illustrator and knew it be great to have his help with my cancer book I'm producing via the Fixers charity. +FixersUK  or @FixersUK on twitter.
I contacted lots of different cancer charities and people affected by cancer to get involved but feel free to take part even if cancer hasn't touched your life as the more people the micro flash mob has the bigger the awareness of cancer through social media.

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Source: Dave Kirkwood 

That's me @LoveEire4eva on twitter. 

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