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Above: When I was invited to City Hall because of my volunteering and I got to meet Boris Johnson who was Mayor of London at the time.


In the past I featured on Clic Sargent's website on the volunteering section:



I was a guest speaker twice on a community radio station called Wythenshawe FM 97.2fm based in Manchester in 2013 when speaking on behalf of the young person's volunteering charity Vinspired & talked about their campaigns at the time. I spoke on (14th March 2013) at 12:30pm-1:00pm aprox on Wythenshawe FM 97.2fm about Vinspired and the #LolzNotTrolls campaign about how trolls on the internet can affect a young person's life. I did the interview live via my phone. It was a great experience and the Presenter Roz was really nice. It all came about when I ask a Councillor from Manchester and CEO of the radio station through twitter to help with the campaign #LolzNotTrolls for Vinspired/Do Something UK as part of my role as an ambassador for Vinspired.


Wandsworth Radio - I was interviewed by the lovely Kay from Wandsworth Radio on the 15th October 2014 in my local coffee shop about Bone Cancer Awareness Week (13th-19th October 2014) & how important early diagnosis is for bone cancer & the after effects from treatment. Bone Cancer Research Trust run the awareness week.

Bone Cancer Research Trust - http://bcrt.org.uk/aw_time_to_diagnosis.php

Wandsworth Radio - http://www.wandsworthradio.com






I featured in "The Irish Post" in 2012 leading up to my performance in the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics.

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I blog about my cancer experience, health, fashion and beauty and most things in general.I


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