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Blast from the Past Blog Post: The vInspired National Awards 2013 in the Roundhouse London (I was a Finalist)

+vInspired website link:

Vinspired National Awards 2013 

{Tuesday 26th March} at the Roundhouse London!

      I first started volunteering at 15 years old and helped people with severe disabilities and learning difficulties of all ages in my local community. I really enjoyed helping out as it was a lot of responsibility at 15 but I enjoyed it as the members had fun doing activities from art to sport and listening to music. The members had a multi-sensory room. Definition of a multi-sensory room below.

Link for quotation below:

"The Benefits of the Sensory Room

The Sensory Room fosters an atmosphere of relaxation. Relaxation is good for children’s emotional health; it gives them a chance to explore their feelings and to become interested in their environment.
This calming environment is a place for parents/carers to bond with their children, providing a restful and peaceful experience in today’s busy and sometimes stressful lifestyles.
A facility such as this has many benefits for children with special needs as it creates a stimulating and yet calming atmosphere and among other things can help to improve hand and eye co-ordination and develop language skills. The overactive child can be calmed, the inactive become interested.
All young children can benefit from using a sensory room to develop fundamental sensory skills needed in later life. Sensory rooms are particularly useful for children with sight or hearing problems and have been proven to be extremely valuable to children with autism.
• Supports the development of communication
• Enhances sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and cause and effect response
• Assists the development of social and emotional skills
• Reduces tension and increase relaxation
• Provides fun and enjoyment
• Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness & general awareness"
In 2012 I first found out I was nominated by my sister for a volunteering award from +vInspired.
  +vInspired is a charity that helps 14-25 year olds to find volunteering opportunities in their local community in a sector the young person is interested in and chooses. 
    I was nominated for volunteering in 2012 as a wheelchair dancer in the gravity section of the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics London 2012 which I did over 100 hours all together, if not more to get the dance routine right for the big finale in the Stadium in Stratford while battling extreme pain and fatigue. (Which I still have now!) While taking this huge challenge I did fundraising for completing and got £236 aprox for Sarcoma UK.

  When I'm able to I help raise awareness of bone cancer/Osteosarcoma and fund raise for cancer charities such as Bone Cancer Research Trust, Sarcoma UK, ACLT, Clic Sargent and Teens Unite to name a few!
    I am a Cancer Activist and enjoy blogging to raise awareness, help others by supporting, I have empathy and know what's like to have cancer. I offer advice and recommend other cancer charities or blogs/sites I think should be recommended to others.
Luckily the charities are very flexible and understand about my medical condition and that sometimes I can get unwell and are very flexible and that helps me pace myself.

  I was nominated for "All round commitment to volunteering." I was a VInspired regional winner and was the only one representing London in my category. We had to kept quiet before the nominees were officially declared. We were told months before about getting through so we could save the date of the awards for our diary! I then luckily got through as a national finalist. There was only 3 of us in this category.
  It took place at the Roundhouse in Camden, London on Tuesday 26th March 2013 with The Saturdays headlining and performing their first number no.1 single!!! We were presented with champagne and fabulous food!! The buzz in the Roundhouse was amazing from all the inspirational young people, +vInspired staff, guests and celebs supporting this great charity.
  My category was up first and the presenters for the night were Katie Piper and Eddie Kadi. The award was supported by Currys and PC World. Some of The Saturdays presented the award but unfortunately on the night I didn't win but the girl that did was a really worthy winner as she set up a support group for her sister who has ADHD and others going through the same thing and their family and friends can access the support group to discuss similar issues, support each other and just talk and  help them socially.

I chose to wear nail wraps from New Look and it had a glitter effect but by the time I got to the event some bits of the nail wraps were coming off and it started to look like tin foil lol at one point. 
In my opinion I wouldn't recommend these nail wraps.

The food on the night:

Picture I took on my ipad looking at me and it took the top of the roundhouse which was lovely.

CEO of Vinspired Terry Ryall doing speech at Vinspired National Awards 2013 at a reception:

Myself with the Pandemonium Drummers.

Pandemonium drummers from the Olympics performing at Vinspired National Awards 2013

Katie Piper and Eddie Kadi presenting the Vinspired National Awards 2013 at the Roundhouse in Camden:

Presenters Eddie Kadi and Katie Piper above^^

Pictures of Katie Piper and I:

Link for The Katie Piper Foundation:




Goldierocks link:

The Saturday's headlining the Vinspired National Awards 2013 at the Roundhouse Camden

A*M*E performing at the Vinspired National Awards 2013 #VInspiring

Vinspired National Awards 2013 - The Saturdays


 The Saturdays performing their no.1 single "What about us" at the Vinspired National Awards 2013


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